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Why does Pine Island Trading Company negotiate prices on products purchased in quantity?

Because we are a volume discount retailer and supplier. Typically, we will consider requests for quantity discount at just 3 pieces of a particular item! We would ultimately urge you to contact us for any multiple-product purchase, even if it contains differing SKU's or quantities. Businesses and individuals alike are invited to send us their offers or inquiries using our "Quantity Discount Request Tool." In any event, just feel free to contact us!

This is great Pine Island Trading Company, but I just want to order a single item...

Perfect. You can shop for a single or multiple items just as you do on any other website. However, we encourage you to negotiate the price with us on any purchase, irrespective of how many you buy. While it is true that the cheapest prices will be applied to products which are purchased in quantity, we want to make this fun for every customer.

Do you offer free shipping?

For regular orders, your shopping cart will indicate if the item/s ship for free upon check-out.

For wholesale orders arranged through our "Quantity Discount Request Tool," your invoice will indicate any necessary shipping or freight costs. This will be shown as a separate line item. Wholesale customers are also free to arrange their own shipping.


For quantity purchases, how will shipping be arranged and priced?

For any quantity purchase, you will receive a separate invoice to your email with the product pricing agreed upon through our "Quantity Discount Request Tool." The invoice will also include the calculated shipping cost as a separate line item. You can expect a discounted shipping rate as a result of our volume shipping through UPS. However, you are free to arrange your own shipping should you choose to do so. Just let us know.

I saw your product for sale on another website. May I still request a quantity discount if I purchase your product elsewhere?

Yes, please contact us through our "quantity discount requests" page and indicate what website and product you are referring to. We will provide simple instructions which will allow you to purchase through that website at the discount price agreed upon.

Why must I contact Pine Island Trading for truckload pricing?

Load pricing changes too frequently to display on the website. Also, customers have a few different options available to them which also changes how trucks are priced. Contact us for the most up-to-date info.

May I view merchandise in person before purchase?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to.

May I return merchandise after purchase if needed?

You may return merchandise for up to 30 days following the receipt of delivery for general sales totaling $500 or less. Because of the costs of vending liquidation merchandise, all B2B sales are final. Returns are accepted in all cases when the mistake lies with us!

Where does your merchandise come from?

We maintain relationships with several large, exclusive, liquidation companies here in the US. We also buy merchandise directly from manufacturers and companies looking to liquidate their products. All of our products are guaranteed to be authentic, original, and first quality before they are ever offered to our customers.

Where is this merchandise located? Are you middlemen?

Absolutely not. We warehouse and own 100% of our inventory. We do not dropship, broker, or middleman anything.

I'm new to reselling and I've never bought liquidation merchandise before. How can I trust your company?

This is understandable. Call us or contact us! A huge red flag in this business is when there is no crystal clear link to customer service, email, phone numbers, or other ways of contacting the orginization. Our customers stay with us because of the honesty, integrity, and dedication provided to all who call us their partner!