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How We Work

Ever wonder how or why two different retailers can sell the exact same product for two completely different prices? Well, it's simple, volume and quantity! While store "A" may be in possession of a few units of a SKU, store "B" may be in possession of a few thousand because of their volume and purchasing power. This affords company "B" the unique opportunity to pass the savings on to their valued customers. To put things in perspective, this is the retail theory that catapulted Walmart into becoming one of the largest retailers on planet earth.

Here at Pine Island Trading Company, our vast purchasing power and partner network allow us to acquire a multitude of diverse products in bulk, thus creating a bargain for our customer. With our repeat-business model, our customers return frequently for a steady supply of essential products at closeout prices. Whether you need quantity or are just shopping for a single item, we will be the least expensive and the highest value, period!

Feel free to browse our product selection. Our prices are better than competitive, however, if you are in need of quantity discount, contact us for an unbeatable price quote. We guarantee your enthusiasm!bigger.jpg