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Here at Pine Island Trading Company, we believe in the art of good deals! We pride ourselves in offering a large assortment of products that span a vast array of categories and niches. We will generally beat any price out there and our customer service is second to no one! With humble beginnings in 1998, we have evolved into an efficient, knowledgeable, and streamlined wholesaler and supplier offering thousands of different products to customers. Our discounted pricing structure allows our customers to enjoy shopping with us and to repeatedly return for more deals! Have you found a better deal somewhere? Let us know and we will beat it! Are you a savvy business purchasing agent in need of quantity discount? Let us know and we will give you a wholesale quote! We also specialize in supplying online resellers, especially those focusing on the major platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, private websites, and the alike. Our promise is that we will guarantee you a good time and an even better deal! Stop by today and see why Pine Island Trading Company will always be an original trading post!